Saturday, March 29, 2014


So apparently it's my fault that he doesn't call our child. It's my fault that I have sole legal custody of our child. It's my fault that she only sees Him twice a month. It's my fault that I pushed to protect my child from a man who helped to create her but has also made threats to kill her. Such a BAD mother I am, all of this crap is my fault....
Let me explain something to you men who have abused the mothers of your children and to the courts who support you. We are Not your baby mamas so please stop referring to us as such! Our corrupt family court system may fall for your crap but for those of us who have matured and wised up, I'm telling you that the Game you call yourself playing is officially OVER. The relationship with the mother of your child does determine how that child is brought up. You should show some respect towards the woman bending over backwards to raise your child Alone! Meanwhile, you pay no child support what so ever! If we put you on child support, we are gold diggers. If we don't put you on child support, we are bad mothers letting you off the hook?!
Good single mothers just can't catch a break....
For those of us who have survived being in an abusive relationship with you, this transitioning process has Not been full of food stamps and free rent because we supposedly refuse to work. So please, stop telling everyone that your "baby mama" is doing nothing but the bare minimum to raise your child, especially when we have to take You to COURT to pay for even the smallest thing for your child. Once we have gotten up the courage to leave you, we deal with so much scrutiny it's sad. If we would have stayed with you, people tell us that we were stupid and didn't care for our children. But because some of us have realized that we are worth so much more and our children come first, we are told that we are at fault for not having a father in our children's lives... What gives?
We as single mothers do not get rewarded or a bigger paycheck for raising our children. Do you want to know what We get?? We get told how we have destroyed black men. We as single mothers get blamed whenever one single mother decides to kill her kids, keep the child away from the father unjustly, abuses her kids, etc. We as single mothers receive no freaking respect half of the time. And when you add the father of your child constantly Blaming you for His BS that he brought on Himself, it doesn't help.
There are single mothers like myself who work two and three jobs just to provide for the One child that we have. There are single mothers like myself who have sat across from those of you who have blacked our eyes, damaged our backs and more, yet we keep standing strong!! Yes, we cry in court because it hurts and we don't always have support! What the hell did you think was going to happen?! Are we supposed to stop being mothers that love our babies just because our judicial system says you have rights that you don't deserve?!
You abusive ex's of ours should really reconsider how you talk to us, our families, and stop lying in court! This is not a game to some of us survivors of domestic violence. We work hard and love our babies even harder! We do Not deserve to have to live life under your control judicially or otherwise. Lay off!!

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